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How to protect your small business against hacking and Cyberthreats (Illustrated)

How to protect your small business against hacking and Cyberthreats (Illustrated)

How to protect your small business against fraud, debtors, theft, workplace violence, protecting employees, information and assets, and more!

The flight of funds from bank accounts, online banking is growing up on daily basis. One cause is infection by viruses and Trojans through social media networks like Twitter, Facebook, etc. The popularity of these types of sites people are open to all types of viruses that have not previously exposed.

Years ago, people have learned to not open files or attachments in e-mails, if they are not really sure who the sender was and what in the files. Started in addition to the messaging services of the freest, downloaded to detect viruses in files and incoming files, which really reduces the simple transmission of bulk virus. Banks tend to compensate customers for their losses from online banking because of piracy, but you can always get a complaint, and the repayment problem.

Goals – As a rule, hackers go after the conclusion of companies that have a reasonable amount of money and lots of activity. The goal is to provide an e-mail with very interesting content and especially for the recipient, so that it opens the header (e-mail subject) and then the person to click on a link in email. The click will install a virus or Trojan on your computer.

Then it install a keystroke logger, take screenshots, password files get one time password or other important data. Another possibility for you to do to the software poorly designed Web sites to install to install such software.

Another possibility, it install Ransom malware, or ransomware, is a type of malware that prevents users from accessing their system or personal files and demands ransom payment in order to regain access. And ransomware authors order that payment be sent via cryptocurrency or credit card.

Protection against hackers account –

Do not use the computer with Windows OS

1. Do not use the computer with Windows OS.

Windows operating systems are the most popular device that wants to build the lion’s share of the development of hacking tools by hackers. The target group is the largest with a Windows computer and Linux or Mac systems are secured.

Before an application (malware) think can work, you must enter your consent in the form of a password in a popup window, you will be informed about trying to run newly installed software. Then you will receive spam from botnets, which are the result of vulnerabilities in Windows that spammers can easily install malicious software on the computers of clients and take them on the bottom and send spam to be sent, do DDoS attacks, etc.

Use the dark markings of browsers and email programs

2. Use the dark markings of browsers and email programs.

Do not use the popular browsers, especially if you are running Windows. Try Google Chrome, if you use Windows.

Do not use popular email programs. With Web-based e-mail, or use a black spot. With a hidden mark being the target of hackers is very small and not lose too much time to develop such a program hoe.

Inability to obtain and use a software firewall

3. Inability to obtain and use a software firewall.

It is based application, since any application that tries to implement to get your permission to run. A new application (malware you cannot do anything, because they cannot operate without a license.

The trick is to hackers to the firewall that I think use is a common program such as the updating of Word or something and click it. Be careful and read the instructions and if in doubt, only the right to refuse to run or connect to the Internet.

Use a firewall out of the box, not the common brands. Read To respect the comments in the network firewall and on what they call the flight.

Wireless router security

4. Wireless router security.

Great protection, but should be used in addition to the firewall. Always use stronger encryption, will never work without encryption. An encrypted wireless router with a firewall willing to give you much protection, a lot.

Antivirus programs are great and should be executed

5. Antivirus programs are great and should be executed.

Avoid dominant institutions, governments cannot detect malware, not good. Use only open-source software. Try mussels.

Open source code means that all the test and therefore no exception rules for the government software that disappointment is impossible. The products of open source is free and should be used whenever possible.

The Wi-Fi outside the home or office

6. The Wi-Fi outside the home or office.

This can be dangerous. There are many possibilities for an attack. With a VPN to provide encryption from a third party its own DNS service. This prevents DNS poisoning.

The game hackers trying to get on a website which go like a popular bank, but the bank did not receive your site imitation and passwords when you access the site.