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Niraiya - Next generation password manager for internet marketing professionals

How Niraiya password manager works?

Niraiya is a next generation password manager for internet marketing professionals, to maintain numerous emails accounts and its linked social media accounts with easy, secure and private.

Niraiya run on Multi-layered Secured and Futuristic Infinity Matrix engine, implemented with AES-256 bit Cryptography, End to End encryption and salt hashes to ensure reliability and complete security in the servers.

How secured is the Niraiya password manager?

Each password is encrypted with unique key and stored in our server with AES-256 bit Cryptography and End to End Encryption.

Your data is encrypted and decrypted at the device level. Data stored in your account is kept secret, even from Niraiya.

Cyber Security Quote!

We’re concerned that people are trading security for convenience…People are doing things on free Wi-Fi that are really alarming.