Niraiya bot

What does the Niraiya Bot do?

The Niraiya Bot is a distributed crawler that downloads web pages and extract the words to build the dictionary/database of stolen or leaked passwords. The Niraiya Bot has no IP range.

What is a bot in general?

A bot (also: a web crawler, spider) is a computer program that browses the Web in a methodical and automated manner to gather information, which can be a part of how some services work (for example search engines like Google).

How to prevent the bot from visiting my site?

We want our crawler to be as 'polite' as possible (sending a minimal number of queries to your site) but in case it causes you any issues, please let us know via Contact us form and provide us with all info that might appear helpful.

How safe is my website's crawled data?

Absolutely safe. We don't share your data to 3rd parties. Please feel free to go through our Privacy & Security Policy.

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